Dallas, TX

Position is responsible for managing the financial and physical transmission congestion risks for a power generation company supporting its FTR team in the PJM and MISO markets. The position uses both data mining and fundamental analysis techniques to support trading decisions in the long-term and monthly FTR auctions, and in Day Ahead and Real Time markets. It also is involved in speculative basis trades in the term and cash markets.  Responsibilities include:


  • Transmission and congestion research, analysis and forecasting;
  • Strategy development in the PJM and MISO FTR auctions;
  • Price risk analysis and forecasting;
  • Analysis of the electric grid performance in the short- and long-term;
  • Production cost, power system and other market simulation modeling for power and FTR trading; and
  • Quantitative development of models and trading tools.


Educational and professional qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering (power systems focus) with 5+ years’ experience at a utility, IPP, power trading firm, power research firm or ISO as a FTR trader, transmission planning engineer or a congestion analyst with an expertise in the market rules of PJM or MISO (PJM preferred); strong modeling and programming skills; power flow analysis and production cost/dispatch modeling skills using PowerWorld, PSSE, DAYZER, UPLAN,  PROMOD, PSO or PLEXOS, etc.; and programming skills (VBA, Python, R, or C++). Submit resumes to chynes@salthillgroup.com.