Premiere Clients, Diverse Opportunities

SaltHill Group partners with employers within the energy and commodities trading industries across many major U.S. markets, each with a vast selection of career opportunities. On occasion, we work with employers in complementary industries such as financial services and agriculture. Our network of clients is continuously expanding to include new locations and positions.


We currently work with clients in Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, New York City (and surrounding Connecticut and New Jersey suburbs), and Philadelphia. We occasionally work with clients in other major metro areas within California, Massachusetts, Ohio, Indiana and North Carolina.


Our current clients cover small, mid-sized and Fortune 1000 companies. These clients include energy trading and marketing firms, proprietary trading firms, oil & gas majors, independent power producers, renewable power developers, utilities, retail energy providers, hedge funds, agricultural trading and marketing firms, and market research firms.


We actively seek candidates who have strong experience in the Front Office, Middle Office and Back Office (see our Career Opportunities page for a more in-depth list of these positions) and have experience with various types of instruments and asset classes including over-the-counter (OTC) and exchange-traded derivatives: physical and financial energy and agricultural products and commodities, equities, credit, fixed income (interest rate swaps, bonds, etc.), foreign exchange, securitized products (ABS, MBS, CDO, etc.), and other financial instruments. Energy and agricultural products and commodities include power, natural gas, crude oil, refined products (gasoline, distillates), NGL, LNG, renewable power (wind, solar, battery storage), environmental products (carbon emissions, RECs), renewable fuels (biodiesel, ethanol, RINs), coal and grains.